Environmental Friendly

“Responsible and Sustainable Tourism: Be an Eco-traveller”

Think Globally, Act Locally' is a phrase that was coined by David Brower of Friends of the Earth. It reminds each one of us to think about our contribution to the fight against global warming. From river deep to mountain high eco-tourism is spreading across the world to communities and wildlife that are battling for their survival. Nepal is blessed with natural and cultural wealth in abundance offering boundless opportunity to observe myriad snowy peaks, diverse topography, numerous flora fauna, endangered species of animals, plants etc.
In the same time, rapid population growth, tourism, deforestation has been threat to environment of Nepal in the recent days. The problem is quite alarming and pressing issue for the future generation as well. Therefore, we are committed towards preserving the nature for its sustainable development. Our team is guided by the fact that we must respect our nature for our own survival & it has been matter of pride for us as Nepal is naturally enriched country. Spreading awareness and having sense of responsibility towards nature, we do our activities. We are very much conscious towards your safe trip and environmental – friendliness.

We always lay emphasis on the following:

1. Take only photo; leave only footprints as you embark on journey
2. Use kerosene for cooking purpose & Leave campsite clean
3. Don’t fire on open place.
4. Don’t pollute water source.
5. Protect natural aspects & Respect local culture
6. Seek permission before entering any temple or house.
7. Don’t take photographs without granting permission.
8. Dress appropriately while travelling.